MY – Motherhood & Yoga

In all honesty, the seed of this project was a self-centered thought. As a Digital-Marketeer-turned-stay-at-home mom, I was looking for projects to embark on that would keep me busy, give me a sense of purpose, allow myself to regain my long-lost identity, and perhaps even pay some of the bills. When overlapping my passions and my skills, a publishing project took shape that focuses on parenting, healthy-living and yoga.

Motherhood is the best thing that will ever happen to a mother. There is no point in arguing that. I, like all mothers out there, feel so blessed and grateful to have been chosen by my two little nuggets to guide them through this life. As blessed and blissful the overall experience is, being a full-time mom can take its toll on you. It is by far the hardest job out there that taps into your physical, mental, and emotional wells, at times with little or no immediate reward. Overwhelmed, sleep-deprived, disappointed in our parenting failures (because we have all felt like we aren’t enough or doing enough at times, right?), we feel alone in our struggles because we live in a society built on the disadvantageous idea of competition. We grow and learn to aspire to be the best students, best employees, best wives, best mothers, best … . While wanting to be the best and giving your best is not bad in itself, most of the times we pursue that at the detriment of our real joy and potential growth. If we put the guard down and allowed ourselves to be vulnerable in admitting our shortcomings, weaknesses, struggles, and need for help, we would find that we are far from alone in fighting our battles; we would learn that our struggles are universal. If we allowed ourselves to ask for help and support when needed we would open a channel of communication and build the foundation of a support network that would only help us to grow. Knowing you have somewhere and someone with whom to be raw and honest about your pains and struggles, to be not only heard but listened to, to have your less fuzzy feelings and (at times irrational) concerns normalized, would allow you to go past the hurdles, learn your lessons, gather strength, and grow. This is the proverbial “village” that is helping us to raise all our children, and it is this community that I am striving to replicate via a print magazine and an online platform.

When nurturing and raising children, it is very easy to disregard the wise advice “put your own oxygen mask on before proceeding to help others.” As moms, stay-at-home or working moms, our time is limited. A lot of us rely on slow-cooked meals, or sheepishly admit to relying on take-out or pizza several nights a week; we scuff when the topic of fitness and physical exercise comes up; we proudly admit that our beauty routine consists of dry shampoo and wet wipes in lieu of face wash. All this because we are either wiped out and the mere idea of effort sounds exhausting, or because our time is limited and “all good things take time,” right? And that we do no have. It is my goal to find the most creative, innovative, and experienced local experts in health coaching, wellness,  nutrition, yoga, counseling, beauty, and bring them on board to share tips and suggestions on how we as busy mothers can reclaim our identity and find the time in our short 24-hour days to make ourselves and our well-being a priority. Tried and true that those days when I stick to my routine which includes healthy meals, yoga (which can be 10-15 minute of stretching and breath meditation), and one or two things that make my heart happy (reading five pages of a compelling book, listening/dancing to music, talking to friends), the quality of my life (and my husband’s *wink*) improves tremendously. It is the mission of MY magazine to inspire and motivate South Bay mothers to bring healing behaviors and routines back into their lives.

I am beyond excited to have found a way to give to myself while giving to my community. Not only giving to my community but helping to build it. It is my intention through MY to bring mothers together, in their love, joy, and all rewarding aspects of motherhood, but more importantly to facilitate an openness about the overwhelm, confusion, inadequacy, guilt, identity loss, despair, that at one point or other all mothers experience. It is my belief that through honesty and vulnerability in admitting that we don’t know it all, don’t have it all, can’t do it all, we will learn to be more gentle on ourselves and to give ourselves credit for the meaningful job we have been given, and gain a perspective which will allow us to celebrate all that we do get right!


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