Call for Submissions


MY (Motherhood & Yoga) MAGAZINE

New local print (and online) publication is looking for contributors. For the moment the article/photography contributions are not paid, however each contributor has the opportunity to promote their name/website/business. At the same time, should you request it, we can ensure your anonymity.

The focus of the magazine will be motherhood, yoga and wellness. It will honor the mother for the real shero that she is, portraying the real, raw motherhood – the beauty, the mess, and all in between, through both personal stories and expert articles. The magazine is set to introduce yoga, meditation and mindfulness as indispensable tools mothers should integrate in their daily routine for more aware living. Ultimately, this quarterly South Bay magazine (which is yet to be named) will serve as a channel to connect local moms with each other and with the local businesses created to support their needs. We’ll also keep tabs on local family events and highlight your favorite spots across South Bay.

Here are a few examples of authentic and humorous content we are looking for


  • fertility
  • pregnancy and birth stories
  • single mom stories
  • SAHM vs. working mom vs mompreneurship (how did you decided on one vs the other, pros and cons, any regrets? etc)
  • going through divorce
  • in-laws (boundaries issues with grandparents)
  • special-needs kids (finding out your baby would be born with a condition, raising a special-needs child, let the world see their beauty)
  • kids meals recipes (any recipes your kids help with?)
  • easy recipes (Christmas recipes if possible)
  • family Christmas traditions
  • parenting struggles
  • letter to my son/daughter (can be a poem, too)
  • messy parenting moments (think #assholeparents; it would be great if this would be a picture with a caption)
  • 3 favorite things to do with your kid(s) around South Bay (activities, places)
  • green-living: cleaning products recipes, natural make-up recipes, etc.
  • items you would recommend (anything goes – certain brand of wipes, lipstick, sippy cups, innovative gadget and trinkets, sun screen, books, cds etc.)
  • self-care (what does your self-care routine look like? yoga? mediation? massage? walk on the beach? knitting? what do you do that you feel keeps you sane etc.)
  • mom friendships (what would you do without your village? perhaps a real fun/funny story written together with your best mom-bud – how you met and how you keep each other sane)
  • any real testimonial on how yoga/ meditation/mindfulness contributed to your growth as a person and as a mother?


  • doula contributions (birth stories, fertility issues etc.)
  • lactation consultants
  • yoga instructors (how can yoga help alleviate certain conditions – motherhood-related: prenatal/postpartum, back aches, tight shoulders, tendonitis/carpal tunnel etc.; blessing ceremonies; power of chanting; yoga for kids)
  • meditation and mindfulness (how it works, how it can help, tips and exercises, favorite apps)
  • therapist column (addressing postpartum depression, relationship issues, marriage strains post baby etc.)
  • health coaches (importance of a healthy diet and self-care, nutritional tips etc.)
  • parenting experts (parenting tips, milestones, different parenting approaches (attachments vs RIE), parenting struggles (defiance, tantrums, potty training etc.))
  • special-needs care providers (various therapies, success stories etc)
  • childproofing experts
  • carseat installation technicians
  • beauticians, estheticians (beauty tips for the busy momma)


If you are a photographer (maternity, newborn, lifestyle, architecture, still life, product, nature etc.) and would like to contribute, please contact us. Again, currently we cannot pay for any contributions, however, if used, your work will be credited and your name mentioned.

Please send all submissions to with subject line MY MAGAZINE SUBMISSIONS (October 2016). There is no word-count limit as of now. Be as wordy or concise as you need to in order to share your story or your expert advice. If your contribution is selected, we will be in touch to edit for length and content and make the piece ready for publication. If you are an expert contributor and wish to propose a series of articles, please get in touch. Deadline for first round of submissions to be considered for publication in the first issue will be October 7, 2016. First issue is scheduled (a bit hopeful) for December 1, 2016.

Thank you!

Ana McLachlan

MY (Motherhood & Yoga) Magazine

Click here for a pdf: Call for Submissions