Nope, not a recipes blog.

Also not a food critique’s page.

Why can’t life be delicious? When I’m happy life is sweet, when I’m grouchy it turns sour. Although I do have my moments, most of the times you’ll hear me contently and enthusiastically pronounce “Ahhh… It’s been delicious!”* (For more on the etymology of this construction, see the footnote.)

I’m a relocated 30-something-year old Eastern European, married to an American of Scottish ancestry (he loves it when this comes up), mommy to a rambunctious three-year old, a beautiful four-month old baby boy (despite all my prayers, hail-maries and offerings, I was given two winter boys; I tried real hard for a Leo girl…) and an anxious 7-year old red-haired golden retriever. It’s been a few years now since we’ve moved to the cutest beach town of all, on the awesome coast of Southern California. We are finally home.

To introduce ourselves: I am Horga, I go by my maiden name, one day you’ll hear the story; He will be Hubbyloo, only because he likes his privacy (he definitely married the wrong gal, cause I’m a blabber mouth); the older kid is Limbutza which stems from my mother tongue where limbutza is a little tongue; the baby will be Falcutza (little cheek); both may interchangeably go by Copiloo (child); and our furry friend will be Catzeloo (dog).

I’ve always loved writing but life happened and I distanced myself from my passion; in October 2013 I have finally come around to buying a domain and started typing. This is a great exercise for me to re-become the productive person I once was, and my hope is that my posts will be interesting and helpful enough for you to feel that your time spent on here was worth it. My focus will be, as the tagline suggests, on my gratitude journey – flexing this muscle through new habits and perspectives; my two beautiful sons and my role in shaping their beings; and last but not least my yoga practice – I will share wellness and fitness tips as well as the struggles and successes of a part-time yoga teacher.

I wouldn’t mind living in the outdoors, before Limbutza we used to camp every other week over the summer; I’ve always had the travel bug inside of me, and would never say “no” to packing a bag and taking off; I miss Europe with its exquisite architecture and changing weather, and all the good souls I left behind when I crossed the pond; beautiful art gives me butterflies to my stomach and I openly wish I had some artistic talent; I love listening to music and, as I type this, I realize I miss dancing; I believe Jon Stewart is brilliant; How I Met Your Mother, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Lost and Breaking Bad are the only reasons I’d turn on the TV; I’m addicted to Haagendazs coffee ice cream and do eat more than I need to; I used to be active, not so much anymore, but I made it my goal to change this; I love people and animals alike; I wish people were less mean, more loving, less preoccupied with unessential things and more in tune with their core, natural needs; I pray that my children will grow to be happy, well-adjusted, confident individuals.

I strongly dislike fake people; snobs and braggers, too; animal abuse, suffering old people, and unhappy children make me cry (among maaaany other things, crying is one of my favorite pastimes); depending on their size, spiders can really make me sick (I would still live in the outdoors, with a can of HotShot in hand); don’t snore next to me, it drives me crazy; I have little if any patience for idiots behind the steering wheel.

You couldn’t know me any better if you lived with me!

Enjoy my ramblings! I’ll give my best to stay coherent and digress as little as possible. Can’t promise anything though. Ciao!


*The origin of this syntax lies in the way I have positively reviewed meals for years now, to my husband’s amusement. Apparently, as an ESL-individual I’m misusing this construction. Or perhaps I am overusing it. I should check back on this. The bottom line is, “It’s been delicious” stuck and we’re now using it to describe any delightful and enjoyable experience. It has become my husband’s favorite line. Who would have thought, after all the fun he’s poked at me because of it?